Shopping, culture and the sea right on the doorstep

The havenhostel is located in the heart of Bremerhaven, directly at the Kaiserhafen. From here, the popular student city is at your feet. Fresh air lovers enjoy the stiff breeze during a walk on the Weser dike. Others observe the hustle and bustle in the harbour. For those hungry for knowledge and for shopping queens, the Havenwelten offer unique places to go.

From Bremerhaven to the wide world - a saying with a long tradition.

This is where the most cars and the freshest fruit are handled, goods ranging from coffee and beer to heavy goods are imported and exported and, last but not least, Bremerhaven is known for the longest river quay in the world.

In the middle of the 19th century, the seaside town rose to become the largest emigrant port in Europe. From here, many people set out for America to seek their fortune.

Orientation point Havenwelten Bremerhaven Signposts

German Emigration House

Only 1.9 km from the havenhostel.

Start a discovery tour through the German Emigration House. In the exhibition you will experience the many stages of emigration to America.

Zoo by the sea

Directly on the dyke and only 2.1 km from the havenhostel.

The Zoo by the Sea is unique in Europe! Since 2004, the themed zoo with its unique specialisation in Nordic and water-related animal species has been one of the most modern facilities in the whole of Europe.

Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost

Only 2 km from the havenhostel. Tickets are available from us.

The Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost is a unique world of knowledge and experience on the topics of climate, climate change and weather and a global pioneer as a climate experience world. Here you will sweat, freeze, marvel and laugh – and above all meet people from all over the world who talk about their everyday lives and report on how the prevailing climate affects their lives.

German Maritime Museum

Only 2.7 km from the havenhostel Bremerhaven.

The internationally recognised research achievements of the German Maritime Museum (DSM) are visibly expressed in the exhibitions in the buildings and in the open-air area. They make the DSM a place that invites visitors to experience maritime history from its beginnings to the present day.

Shopping in Bremerhaven

Only 2.4 km from the havenhostel.

Shop and enjoy! Let yourself be enchanted by the unique ambience and lively atmosphere of the south. At Moin Outlet you will find a wide range of small and large shops as well as gastronomic delights. 

Land and water tours

Only 2 km from the havenhostel.

Bremerhaven has a maritime side that has been hidden – even from many Bremerhaveners. Whether on land with the HafenBus or on the water with comfortable ships through the overseas port area, the fishing port or to Helgoland, you will see Bremerhaven from a new perspective.

Wilhelm Bauer" Submarine Museum

Only 2.2 km from the havenhostel.

An original World War II submarine in the museum harbour of the maritime city of Bremerhaven. Submarines of this type revolutionised submarine construction worldwide. Due to their advanced technology, they were able to remain under water for their entire mission and maintain a relatively high speed for the first time.