Whether training, workshop or conference – every event is individual. We have adapted to this and offer six different sized rooms that can be rented for almost any occasion.

Comfortable seating, large tables and many little extras create a relaxed atmosphere. Wi-Fi, a flipchart and notepads are available free of charge. Additional technology and catering such as a coffee break, a hot-cold buffet or a wish-for-nothing-offer with breakfast, lunch and dinner can be booked.

We have developed a fixed price model and show quite transparently and comprehensibly what a booking costs. And it gets even better: the number of people is unrelated to the rental price. We turn our rooms into your feel-good zone. Everything is possible – we will be happy to advise you personally.

Seminar Room Conference Room Luv havenhostel Cuxhaven


Luv is 58 m² in size.
135 Per day
  • Parliament - 20 people
  • Row of chairs - 30 people
  • U-shape - 20 people
  • Block - 20 people
  • Chair circle - 20 people
Seminar room Conference room Luv and Lee havenhostel Cuxhaven


Lee is 89 m².
175 Per day
  • Parliament - 50 people
  • Row of chairs - 60 people
  • U-shape - a.A. people
  • Block - 40 people
  • Chair circle - 25 people
Sun deck Seminar room Conference room Luv + Lee havenhostel Cuxhaven

Sun deck lookout

Sun deck lookout is 275 m², windward and leeward can be separated with a partition wall.
425 Per day
  • Parliament - 110 people
  • Row of chairs - 120 people
  • U-shape - a.A. people
  • Block - 100 people
  • Chair circle - a.A. people



Lectern with sound system

30 per day / piece

Facilitator's case

10 per day / piece


10 per day / piece

Conference package 1

22,50 half day / per person
  • incl. soft drinks,
    coffee and tea,
    coffee break with cake or sandwiches

Conference package 2

From 41,50 full day / per person
(from 25 persons)
  • incl. soft drinks,
    coffee and tea,
    lunch break with choice of food,
    coffee break with cake